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Our main features

Build complete applications with Fluna’s Front-End, Back-End and DevOps resources. With a microservice architecture, your application is built ready to scale, with the elastic management of cloud infrastructure provided by the platforma.

Manage your databases with PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Make CDN available for your files.

Create really flexible pages.

Create APIs, CRUDs and integrate with your favorite services with

Made by developers, for developers.

  • Real-time Deploy

    Build, test, implement and monitor automatically and in real time, bringing hyper agility to your development.

  • API-First

    Functions created from Fluna are fully accessible through APIs. Extend and enhance your application experience.

  • Debug

    Identify bugs in the project using Fluna's tracking in a simple and visual way.

  • Design Patterns

    All applications built with Fluna follow good design patterns practices, bringing quality, organization and easy maintenance of projects.

Create, share and get paid for your code!

Become part of the Fluna’s Community, create code for the Library, pre-configured projects, integrations, flows, templates and others. Make it available on our marketplace and get paid for your creations.

Fluna Agency

Fluna has a partner program, where developers can use the platform to build their customers and have recurring revenue from their delivered projects. Be part of the Fluna Agency community, create, share and be appointed as partner.

Are you ready to start?

Using Fluna’s platform, you can reduce the development time of your digital product by 90%. Get your early access by filling the form. It’s quick and easy like our platform 😉