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We live in an era where changes are increasingly accelerated. The certainties that we had until then, are quickly replaced by new paradigms and truths. These changes profoundly affect our daily lives, requiring changes in the relationships between people and between companies., But how all aspects of our daily lives are changed.

We see today that long-term planning, often used in structuring successful ventures, no longer makes sense. We need to be increasingly prepared to face the obstacles on the way and change our routes. Agile is the mantra that guides our efforts.

At the time this text is written and this company, Nick, is created, we are experiencing the greatest pandemic of the modern era. In an interconnected world, the impacts of this event will mark an entire generation, affecting billions of people and businesses in the short term. 

Despite this scenario, we have been preparing for the future. A future in constant change. A future where agility, flexibility and adaptability are the main skills required. However, they are already natural characteristics of the human being. What we need are better tools to apply them.

In this context, Nick is born. A transformative Nocode platform, offering the tools and resources that our time demands. Nick allows greater speed in the creation of digital products, very significant cost reduction in the implementation and the flexibility and scalability for applications in various business verticals, in any scale of number of users, in a matter of seconds.

According to the recent publication by Gartner, lowcode / nocode platforms will account for 65% of software by 2025. As digital transformation accelerates, there will be an increasing demand for applications of different types. On the other hand, there is a shortage of qualified professionals to develop these solutions on a global scale. This can be mitigated by these platforms, since they allow quick configurations, without the use of lines of code, increasing the productivity of these professionals and contributing to the reduction of the accumulated workload. These tools collaborate to fill this gap, offering the technology area tools capable of accelerating their deliveries.

By using the Nick platform, our customers have reduced the development time of their digital products by up to 80%, when compared to traditional development. Nick’s technology has a huge impact on professionals directly linked to the development of digital products, comparable to the impacts generated by the introduction of molten metal tools, in the changes of past eras.

Optimization creates efficiency. Do more with less. Less resources. Less time. Less effort. Optimization creates a more organized and productive environment, which generates more results. Perhaps the most important need of this era. Reduce costs and, at the same time, generate more results.

Our constantly evolving library already has dozens of resources and allows products, such as ERPs, telemedicine, marketplaces and others, to be created for various business verticals. As already mentioned, we deliver not only with flexibility, but also scalability and quality. With an all-cloud architecture, capable of increasing its capacity in a matter of seconds, NICK creates continuous opportunities for our customers. From the first to the millionth user, we’re ready to support.

We can say that Nick is the fruit of his time. A company that brings the resources that our era demanded. Enables change to come to build. It brings the tools for growth and adaptation. It makes us more capable.


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